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What Treatments are Available for Erectile Dysfunction?

Currently, there are several ED treatments available for men suffering from penile erection issues. Treatment should be customized and solutions are best when the cause is known and it is possible to act on it. In patients with erectile dysfunction of a psychological origin, fundamental psychological counseling is suggested to discuss erectile dysfunction with both partners and help both overcome the issue. It is important to reassure the two and lessen the strain on the relationship. If there is marked depression or a psychological problem, medical treatment may be necessary.

In patients with hormonal erectile dysfunction, there is a possible deficiency of testosterone and males will most likely respond well to testosterone replacement therapy. Currently, patients with testosterone deficiency can take this hormone in the form of a gel, patch or injection. In young patients with erectile dysfunction, doctors will take a penile ultrasound that is focused on revascularization microsurgery. In patients with vascular risk factors (hypertension, cholesterol, tobacco use, diabetes and so on), these factors should be corrected to avoid developing a serious cardiovascular disease (myocardial infarction, arteriosclerosis, etc.). Correcting these factors improves erection problems.

There are different treatments for patients with erectile dysfunction. Every patient should consider the most appropriate option according to their impotence, initially starting with the simplest treatments. Current treatments for organic erectile dysfunction are:

Low energy shockwaves
Oral drugs (Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Vardenafil and Avanafilo)
Hormones (testosterone), but only if there is testosterone deficiency
Alprostadil cream
Injection of a drug (Alprostadil) into the penile area
Penile prosthesis

It is vital that, after a proper diagnosis by the doctor, the doctor explains all the treatments available, how they work and what advantages and problems there may be. According to the views and preferences of the patient and his partner, the doctor will then propose the best treatment. Urologists indicate that oral drugs and low energy shock waves are the first line treatment for men with erection problems. No patient should self-medicate to solve erectile dysfunction. These drugs are very effective and should always be prescribed by a specialist after a proper diagnosis. Visit to learn more.